In the Park and around the Lake

Nowhere in Newent escapes the fun and festivities of the Onion Fayre. 
You can watch or take part in all sorts of activities in the park and around the lake!

 As well as the Funion Zone and The Dog Arena all sorts of other things happen around the park!

In previous years, Roundheads and Cavaliers have given us a flavour of life during the English Civil War.  




You will find Morris Men and even belly dancers





A lake isn't a lake unless you can fish there. Newent lake is known as a fantastic spot for fishing and this is not missed on Onion Fayre day! Children can have a go at fishing and it is not unusual for most people to make a catch. All the fish that get caught will be held in a tank for everyone to see before being returned at the end of the day. Each child will receive an opportunity to join the an Anglers Association along with a fishing pole to keep. The lake is stocked with a variety of fish including carp, roach, bream, rudd, perch and a small number of eels. Have a go and see what you can catch!