What is included in the price of a Food Village stall



The Food Village is for Produce sellers, artisan food sellers, hot and cold food, culinary and kitchen products






Food Village Pitch Prices includes

  • A traditional market stall that includes a table, canopy, back and sides – see pictures,
  • A single is 3.07m (10ft) or a double is 6.15m (20ft).
  • The tables are 90cm (3ft) deep.


We also offer, if requested it at the time of application

  • a power socket for equipment fitted with a standard 13A three pin plug, or 16A blue outdoor plug
  • an additional support bar to fit under the supplied table for heavy produce.



If you have your own stall or van to use instead, please indicate on the application form. Please also include a picture and provide us with the external dimension.

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