Stallholder Terms and Conditions 

  1. Applications for stalls must be received by 31st July. Late applications will only be considered at the discretion of the organising committee. 
  1. Successful applicants will be notified, and a request for payment issued, which should be paid within 14 days to confirm acceptance.  If payment is not received by the due date the stall may be offered elsewhere. 
  1. If space has been paid for which will then not been used please inform the Stall Co-ordinators by 16th August - refunds will be subject at a £10.00 administration charge. No refunds will be made if notified after 16th August.
  1. Pitches allocations are made about 1 week before the Fayre. The Committee’s decision on allocation, size and placement of stalls will be at their sole discretion and is final. 
  1. Stallholders must keep within their pitch markings.  Tow hitches on rides or catering trailers MUST be included within the space that has been applied for. 
  1. Stalls may not be dismantled or packed up before 5.00 p.m.  - should goods be sold out prior to this a display should be mounted in the stall space to maintain the public’s interest. 
  1. All stallholders must complete and return Risk Assessments with their application. 
  1. Food sellers must have a valid Food Hygiene Certificate, a copy of which must be returned with their application. A copy must also be on display on the stall throughout the day. 
  1. Any stall selling alcohol must give a Temporary Events Notice to the Forest of Dean District Council. The application can be easily made on-line.  An endorsed copy of the notice must be returned as soon as possible after your stall application has been approved. 
  1. Only silent running generators will be allowed to be used prior to and during the Fayre. 
  1. A valid fire extinguisher must be on hand for stalls selling hot food. 
  1. No goods may be offered on stalls if they are past their ‘Sell by’ date. 
  1. Livestock, including Goldfish may not be offered as prizes or sold at Newent Onion Fayre. 
  1. Stall holders must comply with any directions or instructions given by the Safety Officer or his stewards. 
  1. No vehicles are allowed within the pedestrian area after 9am Saturday morning. 
  1. At the end of the Fayre no vehicles are allowed back in until permitted by the Safety Officer at some point after 5pm.  This will be when it is deemed safe to allow vehicle movements. Please be patient! Any vehicles parked within the area of the fayre are not allowed to move until the permitted time either. 
  1. Trailing cables must be avoided where possible.  Otherwise cables must be taped down or covered so as not to be a trip hazard. 
  1. Newent Onion Fayre Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to, or remove from the Fayre, any traders failing to comply with these terms and conditions. 
  1. Newent Onion Fayre Committee does not accept responsibility for loss of or damage to property or persons during the course of the Fayre, or during the setting up or dismantling of stalls. 
  1. Newent Onion Fayre Committee will not be held responsible if, for reasons beyond its control, the Fayre in any particular year or years has to be cancelled or the period of its advertised duration curtailed. If this is the case the Fayre shall retain all fees. 
  1. By applying for a stall at Newent Onion Fayre you are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions.

To download a copy of the terms and conditions, click here